The original ranch was rich with Maui history and was named Erehwon Ranch (Nowhere) spelled backwards. In those days it was nowhere. The ranch was settled by two Vontempsky brothers Randal and Louis around 1875. "Boy" Vontempsky, the grandfather and great grandfather of today's decedents, managed many of the Maui ranches Ulupalakua and Kaupo. He also kept the family herds on Erehwon, he spoke Hawaiian the language of the Panilolo (cowboy) fluently. He was a friend to many and had great stories to tell of the islands. Today the ranch continues to perpetuate agriculture on Maui by farming, cattle ranching, and Axis deer hunting.


Arrow One Ranch is privately owned, operated and managed for trophy class Axis deer and sheep. The ranch started the commercial hunting of axis deer in 1999 and the management of the Axis deer herds on the ranch. The hunting area of the ranch is approximately 1000 acres of dense cover consisting of kiawe forest, rolling hills with small drainages and prickly pear cactus (panini) the cover makes for good bow stalking. It takes approximately 3 days to cover the area. We are avid bow hunters and experienced hunting guides, bow hunters guiding bow hunters. Most shooting opportunities are 20 to 40 yards and usually around 100 - 150 yds or so for rifle hunters, 308 and 306 calipers are best for trophy Axis bucks. It is not uncommon to see 2 to 3 hundred deer on a 1 day hunt, however Axis deer are very cunning and can be very challenging to hunt.


"I wanted to follow-up our great trip this weekend with an e-mail to say what gracious hosts you and Jeff were this weekend and how happy we were that we chose Arrow One. I would be delighted to write a testimonial for your web page and you can be assured that I will refer any Axis Deer Hunters your way. Jane (my wife) and I ate some back strap this evening for dinner -- with all the testimonials of the best deer meat there is, we were not disappointed."
-Keith Steltzer, Honolulu, HI

"I have had the pleasure to hunt Arrow One with Jeff and was able to take 2 superb trophy animals. He is top-notch at what he does and he knows the animals and how to hunt them. Jeff will work hard to get you the trophy you are after. I will return again one day."
-Koa Carter, Kona, HI

"When you hunt the Haleakala mountainside with Jeff Grundhauser you'll easily see why Arrow One Ranch on Maui is so special, both for its game animals and the stunning backdrop of the Pacific Ocean.I've hunted with Jeff since the Ranch first went full time over 10 years ago, and the experience just gets better year after year.My days hunting axis deer and sheep amid the Kiawe trees and Panini cactus are among my all-time best memories."
-Jay Strangis, Bowhunter & Outdoor Writer

"I have hunted Arrow One Ranch on several occasions and have found the quality of deer and sheep to be outstanding.The animals are well managed which makes this hunt a fabulous experience."
- Zadoc Brown Jr, Kula, HI

"I have had the privilege of hunting from Alaska to ol Mexico. Deer, elk, bear, hogs, antelope, but never the axis deer.
Arrow One and Jeff Grundhauser came highly recommended to me so 10 years ago I booked my first hunt with Jeff. A quality property to hunt is invaluable. A good guide, worth his weight in gold. A guide that understands the archery dude's needs even better yet. But, to find all three in one place and in one guy is pretty dang rare. Jeff, knows archery- its his game, he knows his critters and he is a great hunter himself, absolutely priceless. He is a gracious spirited outfitter that always provides more than expected. He works hard for the client and doesn't quit after the kill. Arrow One is a very high quality outfit and an incredible place to harvest an Axis deer. My wife and I have enjoyed beautiful Maui for many years and it has only gotten better by sharing a hunt with Jeff Grundhauser most years.
Oh, and the Axis deer will humble you!"
-Jeff Klippenes, M.A., Castro Valley, Ca

“Jeff is a patient and sensitive guy. I once remember missing a buck broadside at 20 yds. He held the laughter in until I left the property....but before I got home I heard from my buddy in Oregon about ‘the shot.’”
-Jeff Klippenes M.A., Castro Valley, CA

“Arrow One Ranch was the highlight of our trip to Maui. Jeff treated us like family and let us hunt the ranch at our own pace. He organized our trophy mounting, froze the venison for our trip home, and left us with memories for a lifetime. We'll be back to fling some arrows ... or at least stub our toes on the slopes of Haleakala. Mahalo, Jeff!”
-Jeff Barrow, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I will always remember Maui because of our day at Arrow One Ranch. Recreational and professional hunters alike will appreciate Jeff's stock, stories, and skill. Our family had a great time hunting with Jeff and fantastic trophies to show for it when we got home. Truly a unique Hawaii experience!”
- Shannon Barrow, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I have hunted on a yearly basis with Jeff at Arrow one ranch for over 20 years. The hunt is quite challenging but exciting.There is thick cover and the Axis deer are among the smartest deer in the world. I love the challenge of finding a big buck each year. Jeff is an excellent guide and opportunities for seeing a trophy buck over 34" is good. Each year the bucks seem to get bigger and heavier. Arrow One Ranch is an unique place to hunt big bucks in Hawaii and the only place on Maui. The scenery is fantastic from the slopes of Haleakala. I'll continue to hunt at the Arrow One ranch every year. “
- Dr. Benjamin Chu, Honolulu, HI

"My brothers and I have hunted all over the USA and in Africa. I was looking for a place to take my family on vacation and be able to do some bow hunting. Jeff made my sons' high school graduation gift one of the most memorable hunting trips ever. They treated us like family...and ‘man,-a-live’ did we have fun!”
-Dr Andrew Jones, Cotton Wood, ID

"I am the veterinarian for Arrow One Ranch and have been involved withAxis deer for many years, doing research and assisting graduate students with field projects on both Maui and Moloka'i. Arrow One Ranch has some of the best feed in the islands and this is reflected in the deer herds and antler growth. If you are looking for a trophy buck or just an axis deer, this is the place to come."
-Alan Kaufman