How do I get there?
Directions will be provided by email or text when your hunt is booked we do like to have all hunters check in with us once they’ve arrive on Maui prior to there hunt.

Where do I stay while on Maui?
If you need accommodations while hunting on Maui, we can help you, call us if you need a place to stay 808-357-0469

What equipment do I need to bring?
Archery equipment, camo clothes, hiking boots, light backpack, sunscreen, water bottle rain gear. Daytime temperature is typically 80-85 degrees F. Mornings can be cool so bring a light jacket.If your rifle hunting we have quality scoped rifles for your use so bring a rifle is really unnecessary.

What permits and licenses do I need?
You will need to acquire a Hawaii hunting license and you will need a Hunter Safety Card or a letter of exemption to do so if you have a hunter safety card you can buy a license here on Maui at either the ( state building hours are Monday thru Friday 8-4 or west maui sports open 7 days a week 8-6 ) you will need to have your hunters safety card and ID with you, there are no tags necessary only a Hawaii hunting license which expire’s on June 30th of each year, go to the links on this website for lic info.We highly recommend buying your license online prior to coming to Maui.

What do I do with the meat and how do I bring it home?
Axis deer is probably the best venison there is. We will freeze the meat for you. It can be sent in coolers as baggage( 50 lbs or less ) which is the least expensive way or it can be shipped FedEx.

Is taxidermy available?
Yes, the cost is approx. $750.00 for a shoulder mounted Axis Buck plus crating and shipping to your home.

Do you have references from other hunters?
Please call or email us for a list of references of hunters who have spent time at Arrow One Ranch.